OMI Data Products

OMI Standard Data Products
Product Acronym OMI contact
Level-1b OML1Bxxx Q.L. Kleipool
Ozone, Total Column (TOMS) OMTO3 P.K. Bhartia
Ozone, Total Column (DOAS) OMDOAO3 J.P. Veefkind
Ozone, Profile OMPROO3 J.F. de Haan
Aerosol (AOT & ASSA) OMAERUV O. Torres
Aerosol  (AOT and A. types) OMAERO D. Stein Zweers
NO2, Total and trop. column OMNO2 J.F. Gleason
Cloud Pressure and Fraction (O2-O2) OMCLDO2 J.P. Veefkind
Cload Pressure and Fraction (Raman Scattering) OMCLDRR J. Joiner
Surface UVB flux OMUVB A. Tanskanen
SO2, Total column OMSO2 N.A. Krotkov
HCHO, Total column OMHCHO T. Kurosu
BrO, Total column OMBRO T. Kurosu
OClO, Slant column OMOCLO T. Kurosu
Surface Reflectance OMLER Q.L. Kleipool
OMI Slit Function OMSLIT J. van Geffen

Other available OMI products

Near Real Time (NRT) Level 2 & 4 products

Available (within 3 hours after observation) at the TEMIS web site.

  • DOMINO Near Real Time Level-4 NO2 products:
    • Images of total & tropospheric NO2 column amounts
    • Data of total & tropospheric NO2 column amounts.
    • Archive of images en data (1 January 2005 - current day)
  • Near Real Time ozone products:
    • Images of assimilated OMDOAO3 total column amounts (1 Day forecast)
    • Coming soon: Images of forecast up to 9 days ahead of OMDOAO3 total column amounts
    • Images of assimilated OMDOAO3 total column amounts
    • HDF data files of assimilated OMDOAO3 total ozone column amounts
    • Archive of images and data (15 November 2004 - current day)
    • Images of level 2 OMDOAO3 total ozone column amounts.
    • Archive of images (25 May 2005 - current day)

Very Fast Delivery products (by FMI):

Available (within 30 minutes after observation) at the OMI-VFD products web site.

  • Images of total O3 column amounts
  • Images of UV Index
  • Images of erythemally weighted daily dose of UV radiation.