Workshop flyer

The DOAS Workshop will be held from 13 to 15 July 2020 as a virtual meeting via Webex.

DOAS Workshop 2020 leaflet
Workshop flyer

Download the Workshop flyer: PDF | PNG

This is the flyer originally made for the Workshop, before it was decided to hold the meeting entirely virual via Webex in view of travel and meeting restrictions related to the outbreak of the corona virus.

Sol Lumen

Sol Lumen is the name of the laser artwork linking De Uithof with the city centre as part of Utrecht University’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

"For the opening of the anniversary celebrations, Utrecht University commissioned Laserfabrik to create this unique work of art in the Netherlands. From 20 to 26 March, seven coloured laser beams will shone across three kilometres, linking Utrecht Science Park/De Uithof and the Utrecht city centre. The Sol Lumen laser installation symbolises the strong knowledge and cultural ties between Utrecht University and the city of Utrecht. The first artwork of its kind to be displayed in the Netherlands, the installation will be visible a considerable distance from the city. Sol Lumen is part of Utrecht University’s 375th anniversary celebrations."

Photo: Wil Leeuwis, 23 March 2011

Source: Wikimedia Commons