Climatology and Climate Scenario's Schiphol Airport

In the program 'Knowledge for Climate' (Dutch: Kennis voor Klimaat) the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is defined as one of the hotspots in the Netherlands for adaptation to climate change.

The mission of this project is to update the climatology of Schiphol and to investigate the impact of climate change.

Climatology Schiphol

Climatology of Schiphol is needed for several specific meteorological (combination of) variables and used in aeronautical practice and planning by specific users.

Relevant meteorological variables are for example wind (direction, speed, gust, crosswind), visibility (general visibility, runway visual range), precipitation (type, intensity), clouds (cloudbase, cloudtype), temperature (average, extremes). Combinations of variables are used in "landing condition".

Latest climatology update

For the latest climatology update please click here.

Lastest update: December 8, 2023

Climate scenario’s Schiphol

Climate scenario's are consistent and plausible pictures of possible future climates and are intended for use in studies exploring the impacts of climate change and to formulate adaptation strategies.

Research in the division Maatwerk of KNMI-Climate Services is aimed at tailoring climate scenario's for specific aeronautical users like airport-authorities, air traffic control and airliners.


  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol- Business Unit Airlines
  • Air Traffic Control- Air Traffic Management R&D
  • Knowlegde Development Centre
  • KNMI- Climate Services