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  1. Voorbeeld individuele Calitoo metingen

    Application | 03-12-2019

  2. Agenda 21st OMI Science Team Meeting

    Publication | 29-11-2019

  3. Agenda 20th OMI Science Team Meeting

    Publication | 29-11-2019

  4. The 19th OMI Science Team Meeting

    Publication | 29-11-2019

  5. An effective parametrization of gust profiles during severe wind conditions

    A simple and effective parameterization for the profile of extreme wind gusts during severe wind conditions is presented.

    Report | 28-11-2019

  6. DOAS Workshop 2020 leaflet

    Brochure | 08-11-2019

  7. Windgegevens voor het berekenen van de belasting door windturbines

    Publication | 01-01-2018

  8. Inter-annual wind speed variability on the North Sea

    The aim of this study is to assess the IAV of the wind speed in the Dutch Economic Exclusive Zone (DEEZ) of the North Sea at ...

    Report | 12-06-2017

  9. Klimatologie van extreme windvlagen

    Voor de veiligheid van hoogbouw en windenergie is kennis van de windvlagen op grotere hoogte cruciaal. In dit rapport wordt een ...

    Report | 01-06-2017

  10. KNW-atlas extended within the DOWA project

    The DOWA project also includes extending the KNW-atlas beyond 2013 until March 2019. Because the ERA-Interim dataset will be ...

    Report | 01-06-2017